superior options

The Aerolite 103 is a professionally built Part 103 legal ultralight aircraft.

Each Aerolite 103 kit is a fully assembled, factory Built airframe, featuring: 

-Your choice of color(s)
-Multiple engine options
-Reduction drive 
-2-Blade Tennessee propeller
-Nosefairing & windscreen
-Complete instrument panel (airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, EGT, CHT, ) 
-Electric Flaps 
-Main landing gear w/shock absorption
-Steerable nosewheel w/suspension 
-Four-point harness restraint 
-5-Gallon aluminum fuel tank 
-Dacron covering 
-Azusa brakes
-Fully anodized airframe


Another option is the ready-to-fly aircraft for under $20,000. That means for under $20,000, you can have a ready-to-fly airplane with the options you need! These options include electric starter, flaps, brakes, tricycle landing gear, and instruments that meet FAA Part 103 ultralight aircraft regulations. The Aerolite 103 is simply the most enjoyable airplane to fly at an affordable price!

Is the aerolite 103 for me?

Okay, so if you are looking for an aircraft to fly from New York to LA, the Aerolite 103 probably isn’t for you… If you plan on doing hardcore aerobatics, you will probably want to look elsewhere… And if flying fast and high are your thing, ultralight aircraft are not what you are looking for. But, if you want years of fun, low and slow, open-cockpit, and the highest smiles-per-gallon available, then the Aerolite 103 ultralight airplane is exactly what you’re after!