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We want you to walk away with the knowledge and the comfort that you are always in control of the aircraft and not that the aircraft is in control of you.

At FlyAerolite our goal is for you to have fun each and every time you go flying.

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The Aerolite Story

The Aerolite 103 was designed by long-time aviation enthusiast Terry Raber, in 1996.  Everyone in the Ultralight and Light sport industry knows Terry.  The vast majority of the light aircraft flying use his Streamline Strut Fairings and Stainless Exhaust Brackets (both of which he designed back in 1993). 

In the early 1990s, Terry was building and selling ultralights, but he always felt the perfect plane had not yet been designed.  Not being one to settle for second best, he carefully studied the best features of each ultralight.  Eventually, he put all the pieces together with his own refinements to produce the Aerolite 103.  The first prototype Aerolite 103 flew on October 6, 1996.  Testing continued while building the production prototype and the Aerolite 103 debuted at Oshkosh in 1997.  The Aerolite 103 was appropriately awarded the ultimate prize of Grand Champion Ultralight.  Since that day, the design has gone on to win multiple awards over the years.

Between 1997 and 2012, Terry produced hundreds of Aerolite 103’s.  The aircraft has always been extremely popular and highly regarded by both experienced and newer pilots alike.

In 2012, Terry made the difficult decision to pursue other non-aviation business interests and decided it was time for the Aerolite 103 design to have a new home.  Terry contacted U-FLY-IT Light-Sport Aircraft’s owner, Dennis Carley to inquire if he had an interest in carrying on the manufacturing of the Aerolite.  After a brief, yet very productive conversation,  plans were implemented to facilitate the relocation of the Aerolite production facility to U-FLY-IT’s base of operation in DeLand, Florida.

Dennis also has an extensive history of building and flying Ultralight/Light-Sport Aircraft.  He too has received Grand Champion and other awards for his craftsmanship that has been exhibited.  Having built over 100 Ultralight and Experimental aircraft in the past 20 years, he was well suited and the perfect person to carry on with the production of the Aerolite 103.  While working in the capacity as a DAR, Dennis issued hundreds of airworthiness certificates to all types of Ultralight, Experimental and homebuilt aircraft.  He has consistently regarded the Aerolite as one of the best designed and most rugged light aircraft ever produced.

Production of the Aerolite 103 continues to adhere to the highest aviation standards, delivering years of safe pleasure flying to those who own or fly one.  It is arguably the best value of any Ultralight Aircraft available!

Meet the Team

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Rodman Gomez

Flight Training and Operations Manager

Rodman Gomez is the founder of UFO Paramotors in Jasper, Alabama and an approved dealer for the Aerolite 103 ultralight.  He began selling powered paragliders and ultralight aircraft as an extension of his extreme passion for the sport aviation industry, and a desire to spread the word about flying. When Rodman is not working on airplanes or selling paramotors and training students, he is guaranteed to be flying!