Being a true 103 ultralight vehicle, you'll have to be a pilot to fly an Aerolite 103 but don't need any pilot certificate from FAA.
Welcome back to Terry Raber's brilliant Aerolite 103... literally brilliant in day-glow orange (photo). An amazing value, let me list a few of the standard equipment items: Factory-built; Hirth F-33 engine with electric start & battery; nose fairing & windshield; instruments including airspeed, altimeter, tachometer, EGT, CHT, and clock; electric flaps; steerable nose wheel with suspension; and four-point restraint system (this list does not include everything you get). The only option I'd advise is the airframe parachute, which brings added safety and does not add to empty weight, per FAA. It does add $3,500 of cost.